Şırnak’ın İngilizce Tanıtımı

Şırnak’ın İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 6.904 km²

Population: 264.220 (1990 geçici sonuç)

Traffic Code: 73

The province of Şırnak is located in the Southeastern Anatolian Region, at the borders of Syria and Iraq. The Cudi Mountain, the ancient city and the caves are laces which worth visiting.

Districts: Şırnak (center), Beytüşşebap, Cizre, Güçlükonak, İdil, Silopi, Uludere.

How to Get

It is possible to reach to the province of Şırnak via highways from all around the country.

Where to Visit

The major localities for visiting purposes in the province of Şırnak are the Cudi Mountain, Kasrık Strait and Saint Nuh Mausoleum and Mem-u Zin Mausoleum in Cizre province.


The dominant climate in Şırnak province varies depending on the regions of the province. The dominant climate at the higher sections of the province is the severe terrestrial climate while normal terrestrial climate is effective at the other sections of the province.


Şırnak was at the status of a village during the Ottoman period and become a district in 1927 connected to the province of Siirt and finally become a province in 1990.

What to Buy

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Don’t Leave Without

  • Visiting Cudi Mountain,

  • Visiting Saint Nuh Mausoleum and Mem-u Zin mausoleum

  • Visiting Kasrık Strait


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