Kilis’in İngilizce Tanıtımı

Kilis’in İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 1.243 km²

Population: İlçe 101.818 (1985)

Traffic Code: 79

Kilis, which is a teritorial city within South Eastern Anatolia Region, is a city, which should be seen due to its historical tumulus, castles and kebabs.

Districts : Elbeyli, Musabeyli, Polateli.

How to Get

Transportation is maintained via road. Closest airport is Gaziantep Airport. Gaziantep Airport is 40 km. away from Kilis.

Coaching Station Tel : (+ 90 – 348) 813 28 33

Where to Visit


RavandaCastle Castle is near to the Ravanda Village of Polateli province, at 24 km. north of Kilis. Its environment is clear, and constructed on a steep hill of a mountain, which is reigning to the horizon. Remaining current part of the castle, constructed via engraving of the peek of the mountain, is the internal castle.

Oylum Tumulus It is one of the biggest tumuli among Anatolia, Syria and Mesopotamia. Strategic position holding tumulus is settled during nearly all ages. As a result of excavations performed on Oylum Tumulus, which shows definite settlement dated back to Chalcolithic Age , ,history of Front Asia besides history of the region, is enlightened. There are lots of tumuli other than this within the city.

Akpınar Akpınar is a promenade in which clear waters are flowing in the middle of a land with limestone. It environs is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and orchards, and this unique nature beauty covered with a carpet composed of grass is filled with Kilis residents during spring and summer months.

Söğütlüdere Söğütlüdere, which is used as an entertainment and picnic area during spring and summer months, has a privileged place within the lives of Kilis residents. Söğütlüdere, where streams coming from north slopes, Zoppun River and Akpınar springs are covered with green, is an important place for a perfect feast with kebab and meal sorts, unique to Kilis residents’ kitchen culture, during especially weekends.


Climate took part within Mediterranean Climate in connection with general characteristics. Summers are passing hot and dry, and winters are cold and rainy.


Hurris, Mintanni, Asyrian, Hittite, Macedonia, Romans and Ottomans had reigned in Kilis and Environs, which is an ancient settlement center, reaching to Middle Bronze Age. Kilis become a city on 1995.

Where to Eat

Traditional culture reflecting regional meals are highly impressive with their tastes and appearances. Kebab sorts, cooked in Kilis, are serviced freshly with flavoring with special spices. Pleasure of eating in restaurants on the lake and taste of grape molasses is not satisfying.

What to Buy

Shopping centers are including lots of souvenirs, reflecting cultural texture of Kilis. Also liquid and solid grape molasses sorts of the region can be bought.

Don’t Leave Without
– Visiting ruins of Kilis, famous with natural beauties,

– Tasting Kilis grape molasses and regional kebab sorts,

– Visiting historical tumulus and Ravanda castle of the city.


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