Yalova’nın İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 492 km²
Population: 90.228 (1985)
Traffic Code: 77

The province of is a major port city in which most of the tourism varieties as thermal tourism, shore tourism, hunting tourism, nature tourism with sportive purposes are possible every season. Especially the worldwide famous Thermal springs and Armutlu thermal springs had become the health, cure and resting place of both Turkey and Middle East. One of the major properties of the Yalova province is the commonness of the production of the ornamental plants.

Districts: Yalova (center), Altınova, Armutlu, Çınarcık, Çiftlikköy, Termal.

How to Get

Highway: The province of Yalova is located at the intersection point of the highways connecting Istanbul – Kocaeli – Bursa provinces. The Yalova bus station is located at the city center. Telephone of the Bus station: (+ 90 – 226) 814 45 77 – 812 56 66

Sea Transportation: The province of Yalova is connected to Istanbul by sea bus and express ferry journeys from Yenikapı, Kabataş, Bostancı and Kartal wharves, and the car ferry journeys are executed between the course Topçular – Eskihisar.
Sea Buses: (+ 90 – 226) 812 04 99
Naval Administrations: (+ 90 – 226) 362 04 44
Car Ferry Sea Buses : (+ 90 – 226) 811 13 23
Topçular Car Ferry Wharf: (+ 90 – 226) 465 62 10

Where to Visit


The Atatürk Pavilion in which Great Leader Atatürk had executed his studies had been transformed into a museum exhibiting the private property used by Atatürk. The museum is located at the Termal district. Open days to visit: Everyday except Mondays.

Telephone of the Museum: (+90-226) 675 70 28 – 675 70 21


The Thermal Springs The Thermal Springs are the most regular and developed thermal spring facilities of Turkey. The Thermal Springs are located inside the borders of the Termal district center located 13 km. to the city center. There are various bath types in the thermal spring facilities. The Valide bath and the Kurşunlu bath are the historical baths. There is also an open air curative pool present at the thermal springs.

Armutlu Thermal Spring The Thermal Spring is located 4 Km south of the Armutlu district. There is a hotel, restaurant and a Turkish Bath with pool.

Yalova Thermal Resort

Location: 11km south of Yalova, in the Marmara region.

Transportation: Yalova is easy to access by boat or bus.

Water temperature: 55°-60° C

pH value: 6.88 -7.48
Physical and chemical properties: Hyperthermal, hypertonic, sulphur, sodium, calcium.

Recommended Applications: Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatic conditions, aching muscles and patients after stomach operations; chronic gynaecological infections or cramps, blood clots in the legs, gout, diabetes, metabolic problems such as obesity, high blood-cholesterol, cleansing of lipids and fats and removal of excess accumulations of uric acid.

Accommodation: Turban Thermal Hotel (Yalova) – 200 beds. Gokcedere Hotel (Gokcedere Village) – 86 beds


Hasan Baba Groove: The groove is located on the Yalova Çınarcık highway, 4,5 Km distant to the Çınarcık district.

Termal: This region has numerous thermal springs and there are lots of facilities founded between Gökçedere and Üvezpınar villages. The Panorama hill provides beautiful spectacles with its altitude of 120 meters from sea and evergreen fauna and flora.

Yedi Havuzlar (Seven Ponds): This locality is a waterfall located at the entrance of the Thermal facilities. The waterfall is famous with its various colored hydrangeas and very rare trees and flowers are encountered in this area.

Sudüşen Waterfall: The Sudüşen Waterfall is located to the south of Termal – Üvezpınar village and the waterfall and its environ provides rare natural beauties for visitors.

Delmece Plateau: It is possible to reach to the plateau from Teşvikiye village of Çınarcık district. The Delmece Plateau has superior natural beauties.

Kurtköy: This locality is founded by the banks of a creek and is famous with trout facilities and picnic areas.

Burhaniye: This locality is a very authentic picnic area located between the mountains and carry the charming coolness of the creek flowing through. It is located 25 Km away from Yalova province.


Çınarcık, Esenköy and Armutlu shores, beaches, camp sites and picnic areas are entertainment and resting centers. Every sort of accommodation, food and beverage varieties and entertainment facilities are present at these locations. Especially the Çınarcık district located 17 km away from Yalova province is the major holiday center of the province with its beautiful beaches and entertainment places.


Karaca Arboretum The Karaca Arboretum belonging to Hayrettin Karaca of the TEMA association is located inside the borders of Samanlı is a beautiful living tree museum.


The climate type of the Yalova Province displays a transition climate property between Mediterranean and Black Sea Region climates. The region occasionally reflects the properties of terrestrial climate and the summer seasons are hot and dry while winter seasons are mild and highly precipitant.


The history of the Yalova province extends to the Britannia Kingdom. The region had entered under the reign of Frigian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations.
As it was a district of Istanbul, it had become a province in 1995.

Don’t Leave Without
– Swimming at Çınarcık,
– Visiting Thermal Springs,
– Visiting the Atatürk Pavilion,
– Visiting the Karaca Arboretum located in the Samanlı village of Termal district.


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