Rize’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Rize’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 3.920 km²

Population: 348.776 (1990)

Traffic Code: 53

The province of Rize is located inside the Eastern Black Sea Region is the province which displays most of the characteristics of the Region. The province is separated from other regions of Anatolia not only with its geographic structure, but also with its cultural structure. The province of Rize is a very special tourism city with its steep sloped valleys, mountains which you can climb to the peaks, glacier lakes, emerald green plateaus, historical arched bridges and castles and exuberant flowing creeks.

Districts: Rize (center), Ardeşen, Çamlıhemşin, Çayeli, Derepazarı, Fındıklı, Güneysu, Hemşin, İkizdere, İyidere, Kalkandere, Pazar.

How to Get

Where to Visit


The Rize Castle constructed in 14th century by Genoese, the Zir Castle, the Kale-i Bala and Ciha Castle are the castles located in the borders of the province.


The historical mosques located in the province of Rize could be counted as Gülbahar Mosque, İslam Paşa Mosque and Cafer Paşa Mosque.


Ayder Thermal Spring is among the most important thermal springs of the country. The Andon Mineral water which is located 20 km. distance to the province of Rize attracts the interest of the local folk. The waters of the mineral water spring are colorless, scentless and clear. Also the mineral spring waters of İkizdere – Şimşirli Mineral water and Çayırlı Mineral water are known to cure various diseases.


Ağaran Waterfall: The Ağaran waterfall is located on the Şairler creek flowing through Çayeli District and is located at 12 km. distance to Çayeli District and 30 km. distance to Rize central. The waterfall is a real natural wonder.


The plateaus are densely located at the skirts of the Kaçkar Chain Mountains, at the Çamlıhemşin, Hemşin, and İkizdere districts. These plateaus offer a living beyond the clouds with their well preserved original architecture style plateau houses. Ayder plateau, Upper – Lower Kavron and Anzer Plateaus among these numerous plateaus are declared as Tourism Center. Especially these plateaus become a frequent visiting place for local and foreign tourists.

Ayder Plateau, Çamlıhemşin – Lower and Upper Kavran Plateau, İkizdere – Anzer (Ballıköy) Plateau Tourism Center, İkizdere – Çağırankaya Plateau, Elevit Plateau are among the other important plateaus of the region.

Plateaus of Rize Province


Kaçkar Mountains National Park


Eastern Black Sea Mountains

City: Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Rize, Erzurum, Artvin

Provinces: There are 32 provinces within important bird areas

Surface Area : 1.230.000

Altitude : 0 – 3932 m

Protection: partially

Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with sakallı akbaba (20 pairs), kızıl akbaba (20 pairs), kara akbaba (10 pairs), kaya kartalı (10 pairs), huş tavuğu (all Turkey population is within these important bird areas) and ürkeklik populations. These important bird areas including seven regions had been investigated during a research performed on 1993, and a total of 134 mature male huş tavuğu had been determined within six of them. When narrowness of the researched area and wideness of appropriate life environments are considered, it can be deemed that total number of huş tavuğu population within important bird areas exceeds 1000 pairs. But, discover of various important new immigration valley recently is showing that these numbers can be much more than deemed. Due to representation of Eurasia High Mountainous (Alpine) biomes within turkey by Eastern Black Sea Mountains, it is the only area which gained important bird areas status.

Main Characteristics: Forest, mountain, immigration pass

Matched category: A1, A3, A4iv, B1iiİ, B1iv, B2


With numerous plateaus and steep mountains, the province of Rize is very suitable for trekking and mountaineering activities. The geography of the province also provides visitors rich possibilities for canoeing and rafting with its exuberant creeks and fishing at the glacier lakes of Buzulyalağı and Moren which are located at an altitude of 2400 – 3000 meters.

The Kaçkar Mountains are the source of rivers with high velocity. Among these rivers the most important ones are Fırtına Creek flowing from Çamlıhemşin district to Ardeşen district and finally reaching to the sea, Taşlıdere and İyidereler. These creeks have the necessary flow rate regime amount for canoeing activities. There are numerous other creeks with various sizes except these rivers.

Fırtına Creek

Kaçkar Mountains (Mountaineering)


Atatürk Museum: (Mehmet Kantarcı Mansion) Some personal belongings of Atatürk and ethnographic works discovered in the region are exhibited in the Mehmet Mataracı Mansion which is used as the Atatürk Museum.

Telephone of the Museum: ( + 90 – 464) 213 04 29


In Rize, summer seasons are cool and winter seasons are mild while all seasons are precipitant.


The province of Rize was assumed to be founded by the Ion civilization. The region surrounding the province had been under the dominance of Pontus Kingdom, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Seljukian State and Ottoman Empire.

Where to Eat

The cabbage and hamsi (anchovy) hold a special place in the region. All meal varieties had been concentrated around these two. Main meal varieties could be counted as; Mısır Ekmeği (Corn Bread), Muhlama (melted cheese), Lahana Sarması (Cabbage Wrapping), Lahana Vurması (Cabbage Beating), Hamsili Ekmek (Bread with Anchovy), Hamsili Pilav (Pilaf with Anchovy) and Laz Pastry.

The apiculture is executed at the plateaus and meadow areas located above the upper zone of the forest. As the chemical materials could not reach to this locality and as the production is supported by flower variety and other advantages, the “Anzer Honey” produced in the region is famous worldwide.

What to Buy

The hand crafts production is still at continuance at the region and is possible to buy wooden and hand crafted products. The socks of Hemşin District, the cloth of Rize (feretiko) are famous textile products. Wickerwork products as tea basket, grape basket, fruit basket and picnic basket could be found extensively in the region. Among other wooden products, boxwood spoon varieties, stools, kemençe (local small three-stringed violin) and model small sailing boat could be counted. One should not forget to buy the famous Anzer honey of the region.

Don’t Leave Without

– Visiting the plateaus,

– Visiting the thermal springs of Ayder,

– Visiting the 16th century İslam Paşa Mosque and the ruins of the Genoese castle,

– Watching old traditional Sparrowhawk hunting executed in Ardeşen district.

– Tasting Anzer Honey,

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