İzmir’in İngilizce Tanıtımı

İzmir’in İngilizce Tanıtımı

In history it ,is said that there was a group of women named ‘amazon women’ and this group of women were lived in aegeon region before İzmir had taken it’s name.These women were hate from the men and they use the men for heavy works and men were serving them.Amozon women were so strong that they were fighting against the men and for carring their weapon they cut one of their bust.
One day the chief of the group of Amozon women fell into love and she decided to marry him so they combine their lands. This chief changes her name and she decided to take the name ‘Smyrna’. And then the man whom she married decided to give the name of his wife to their lands.
Since that day ‘Smyrna’ became ancient name of İzmir. By the years passed the name Smyrna has changed so many times and İzmir is the last name of these lands.


İzmir is known as the pearl of Aegean region. . It is Turkey’s third largest city and second most important port. Also, it is an important tourism centre in this region.There are lots of wonderful places to visit and if you want to have fun time, İzmir is the best province for you.
The people are very warmblooded and they are famous with their hospitality.Also, they are friendly and helpful.İn adicition, the girls have become famous with their beauty.


The weather is a typcal mediterranean climate.The summers are hot and the winters are warm. The average temperature is 18 degrees. In winters the weather is sometimes rainy and very cold, but in general it has a nice climate.In summers the weather is always sunny, but some summer nights are a little bit cold.
Usually people can’t decide what to wear when they want to go out. Because the weather can change. Snowfall is rare, but this winter it was very surprising to see İzmir covered with snow.

The accomodation will never be a problem for you. Because there are lots of hotels and they have wonderful restaurants and they are very comfortable. You have lots of options to choose a hotel among them.Hilton, Ege Palas, Efes, Princess are some of the famous hotels.

The best restaurants are in Sahilevleri and İnciraltı. Fish is the best meal that you can eat. Especially cipura is the best fish that people prefer. You can find this fish in any of İzmir’s sea food restaurants. And also, you can eat your fish near the sea. İn addition there are very varied cafes which have delicous meals and which have very fantastic ambience.You can also eat ‘Kumru’ and ‘Boyoz’ which are peculiar to İzmir. You can’t find the delicious taste of these foods in anywhere else.

Alsancak is the centre of shopping and fantastic cafes. There are modern buildings and attractive shops along the street and many people prefer to go there for shopping. Shops and cafes are located in streets and they are far from the main street, so people are not disturbed by the traffic.
Alsancak is the place that the teenagers prefer to go. Because there are lots of fantastic cafes and these cafes have delicious foods. Also, Hilton hotel is located in this neighboorhood and it’s game centre is prefered by most of the teenagers. Also, you can see adults who are playing game in this game centre. It is a place for having fun and people from every age can have fun there.

Street of Bars. You can find live music in those bars and discos can be prefered too. The bars are different from the usual bars because attractive old houses are restored and run as a bar.

An elevator from 19th century. It is 51 metres in height. It links Mithat Paşa street to the Halil Rıfat Paşa street. It was built in 1907 and restored by the municipality in 1993. On the upper side, there is an open-air cafe and a restaurant that offers you a delicous meal with a breathtaking view of İzmir and the bay.

It is on the roads of Urla and Çeşme. If you want to go to Balçova Thermal Springs turn left at İnciraltı cross roads.It is one kilometre away. This may have been the first hydrotherapy center of the ancient world. Today there are modern facilities for visitors to the hot springs and luxury hotels. The temperature of the water is 63 degrees C.

Clock tower is another symbol of İzmir and it was build in Konak Meydan in 1901. It is heart of the city and it can be said to be a meeting place for many people. 25 M HIGHT

Ege Universty’s campus is located in this area and İzmir Manisa roads passes through Bornova.İt is seven kilometre away from the city centre.

Cesme, which is 80 km away from İzmir is a holiday resort with excellent accomodations and restaurants. Altınyunus, Sheraton, Ontur are some of the famous hotels that are usually prefered by tourists. Restaurants in Dalyan Köy are the most popular places for eating fish and watching the beautiful, clear, blue waters of Çeşme. Çeşme has also got a wonderful night life to have fun. Seaside, Joy, Nispet, Mekan are some of the night clubs.

It is a fishing town 50 km away from Izmir. Foça is famous with it’s phoakaians. You can find them on the islands and it will be very entertaining to go these islands by ship. Also, Foça have many hotels and pensions. You can eat fresh fish there because as I said before it is a fishing town.

It is said that Virgin Mary had spent her last years there. It is located between Selçuk and Ephesus. Travel agencies in İzmir organise day tours to this place.

It is an international trade fair that has been held since 1932. Between august and september famous people come to this fair and they give concerts to people of İzmir.

The castle offers you an excellent view of İzmir.

It is located on the north shore of İzmir and is means “opposite shore”People who live in Karşıyaka think that, they are diffirent from people of İzmir and they have an individual culture and history. Also they have their own football team. They are always quarrel with Göztepe football team and it is impossible to pass near them after Karşıyaka and Göztepe matchs.

It is one of the shopping centres of İzmir. It is consist of narrow streets and here you can find jewellers, drapers, shoemaker, and shops specialising in all kinds of goods from leather to olives and cheese. The atmosphere of the buildings are very different from other shopping centers because, they have been in Konak Kemeraltı since 19th century and the buildins are old fashioned.

It is located between Konak meydan and Alsancak. It becomes one of the most crowded places at the weekends. Especially young people prefer to go there because there are bars and some places for shopping.Kordon is also famous with it’s horse-drawn phaetons with colorful ponpons and young lovers loves to wander with them. Kordon is very famous that there are lots of songs that are written for Kordon :
“My lover seemed to say/Let us meet on the Kordon one day/Perhaps at ten o’clock”.

This is one of the popular old songs.

The name of the dock between Konak and Cumhuriyet Meydan. Pasaport Dock was built in 1876. This area was full of old fashioned coffee houses which served waterpipes as well as tea and coffee, but today pubs took their place.

The place where parchment is thought to have been invented. İn the centre of Pergamum Acropolis and the world’s steepest amphitheatre is located. This amphi theatre has 16,000 seats. This complex was one of the foremost heath cent ers of the ancient world.

It is 94 km away from İzmir. SeIcuk is the site of Ephesus Museum, a magnificent castle and the 6th century Basilica of St.John. The road to the resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum passes through Selcuk, also Kuşadası is twenty minutes away from there.

Urla is a resort 42 km from Izmir n the road to Cesme. People of İzmir spend their summers and weekends here. This city was the birthplace of the illustrious philosopher Anaxogoras, and is latterly also famous for a local pastry dish “katmer” and for its meat and fish restaurants.

Dishes made with fresh herbs have a special place in the Aegean cuisine. When spring comes local markets are filled with green vegetables, such as radika, turpotu, hardalotu and many more. The leaves are washed, blanched and served with a ressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

İzmir’s bay is very dirty. But it’s going to clean by some people. They are working for it. And somewhere, sea’s smeel is very bad. You feel very bad because it.

9 Eylül 1922 / İZMİR
“I love all İzmir and people of İzmir; I am sure that; beautiful İzmir’s perfect people love me,too.”
It was said by Atatürk in 1922


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