Kırıkkale’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Kırıkkale’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 4.365 km²

Population: 349.396 (1990)

Traffic Code: 71

Kırıkkale is on an important geographic position due to being a junction point for Central Anatolia, Central and Eastern Black Sea as well as South Eastern Anatolia Regions. Rich historical and cultural background holding region has the potential for being a tourism city.

Districts : Bahşili, Balışeyh, Çelebi, Delice, Karakeçili, Keskin, Sulukyurt and Yahşihan.

How To Get

Road Terminal is approximately 78 km away from the city center. Municipality buses, minibuses and private taxis are servicing to the Terminal.

Railroad Istanbul, Diyarbakır, Ankara, Eastern Express tariffs are applied.

Station Tel: (+ 90 – 318) 224 28 58

Where to Visit


Hasandede Mosque and Mausoleum It is 12 km. away from Kırıkkale – Central province, and Mosque and Mausoleum are side by side. It is known that Hasandede Mosque is constructed on Hegira calendar 1014 (1605).

There are lots of mausoleums within the region. Mausoleums, such as Küçükkafşar Mausoleum, Tokuş Baba Mausoleum (Delice province, between Çatallı village and Kya village), Halil Dede Mausoleum (Çelebi province, 1 km away from Halil Dede village) are continuously visited by public.

Şeyh Şamil Mosque and Mausoleum The mosque, which is at the province center of Sulakyurt, is constructed by Şeyh Şamil. Mausoleum of Şeyh Şamil, who is the founder of the province, is near to this mosque and on a high position.


Çeşnigir Bridge According to the known references Çeşnigir Bridge and Inn near to it are belong to the Seljukians. Bridge is a seljukian piece of art remaining from XIIIth Century.


Line Fishing Amateur line fishing is performed at Kapulukaya Dam Lake and Kızılırmak Valley.


Gun Museum The Museum, which is managed by M.K.E.K. Gunnery Inc. General Directorate, is opened for visitors on 1991. In the museum, guns of Ottoman and European States between 15th and 20th centuries, and technical and historical characteristics of these are being exhibited.

Museum Tel: (+90-318) 224 54 47 (1314)


Territorial climate is dominant at Kırıkkale, which is within Central Anatolia Region. Winters are cold and summers are hot.


It is founded on 1925 during Republic Period. While it was one of the provinces of Ankara, it become a city on 1989.

Where to Eat

Kırıkkale kitchen is a kitchen, where Anatolian meals are exhibited. City residents had brought their regional meals to this city. For this reason Kırıkkale kitchen is very rich. Agricultural products, vegetables and animal food related meals are leading in Anatolian meals. All kinds of vegetable meals are faced within its meals. Grilled cutlet, fried food, stewed and roasted meats are the widespread meat meals within the region. Yufka is baked as bread in rural areas. Furthermore, bazlama, gözleme, alazlama, kömbe and katmer like bread kinds are also widespread.

Flour tarhana, tarhana with yogurt, sızgıt, bread meal (guymak), madımak, pelte, bulgur pilaf with meat can be mentioned among region unique meals.

What to Buy

Kilim and saddlebag textiles are the regional unique souvenirs that can be bought.

Don’t Leave Without

– Buying regional unique kilim and saddlebags,

– Visiting M.K.E.K Gunnery Factory Gunnery Museum,

– Watching Karakeçili International Cultural Festival (on 15 – 16 – 17th September).

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