Iğdır’ın İngilizce Tanıtımı

Iğdır’ın İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 3.539 km²

Population: 142.601 (1990)

Traffic Code: 76

Province is located at the east border of Türkiye, and a province that must be seen with mtyhical Mount Ağrı.

Districts : Aralık, Karakoyunlu, Tuzluca.

How to Get

Roadway Only connection with neighbour countries, surrounding provinces and counties can be occupied by roadway.

Air Way You can reach Iğdır by road way after arrival of Kars airport by plane.

Where to Visit


MountAğrı Mount is highest top of Türkiye, and constitute border between İran and Iğdır. Height of mount is 5165 meter. It is an old volcanic mountain.

Harmandöven Caravanserai İt is on the old silk road in the Batum – Tebriz route of caravan roads, built by Şerafettin Ejder Bey, Emiri of Sürmari at 12th century in the Seljuklian Period.

Koçbaşı Tombs Koçbaşı tombs can found almost every graveyard in the Iğdır Plain. They remain from Karakoyunlu Period.

Aras River Around the Aras river, by the support and encouragement of government institutions of hostel, eating, drinking and entertaining can be built.


Genocide Monument is at the surrounding way crossroads in Baharlı Quarter.

Open hours to visit: 07:30 – 14:15


Terrestrial climate dominant at Iğdır because of geographic situation. Weather heat is more above the region average, region takes very little rain.


Hurri’s settle down at region in the year of 4000 BC. after them region take stage for different civilisations. Region get under control of Urartu, Saka, Sasani, Byzantine, Seljuklian, Mongols, Oguz, Karakoyunlular and Ottoman Empire until today.

Where to Stay

Tourism Facilities Data Base Updating Project is still in progress.Upon the end of the current process some of the shortcomings related to Tourism facilities and regarding information will be removed.

Where to Eat

A meal named Bozbaş that made from lamb shin is famous.

Don’t Leave Without

– Mountaineering Mount Ağrı that famous with its myth’s

– Tasting meal named Bozbaş

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