Düzce’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Düzce’nin İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area : 1065 km2

Population : 156.326 (2000)

Traffic Code No : 81

Districts : Düzce (center), Akçakoca, Yığılca, Cumayeri, Çilimli, Gölkaya, Gümüşova, Kaynaşlı.

How to Get

Highway: Arrival to Düzce is quite easy because it is on D – 100 high way and TEM motorway connecting Türkiye’s two biggest cities, Ankara and Istanbul.

Where to Visit


Konuralp(Prusias Ad Hypium) Antic city at Konuralp town depended to Düzce, history dates back to 3rd century BC. Certain ruins founded in the Antic city are Theatre (40 Stairs), Mermer (Marble) Bridge, Mosaics, Ramparts, Aqueducts, Tyche Statue, Antoninus Pius Bust, Tomb – Grave Reliefs and Statue pedestals.

Genoese Castle It is near the sea at Akçakoca. Castle was used first by Byzantines, later Genoeses and Ottomans.


It is estimated that Konuralp Mosque at Konuralp County was constructed at 14th century. It was restored by Dilaver Ağa a century ago, and was preserved untill today. Konuralp Tomb, Karaköy Tombs, Cumayeri and Ahmet Dede Tombs are the important tombs of Düzce.


Demirciönü Nature Protection Area

Düzce – Demirciönü Nature Reserve
Location: The nature reserve is in the Akcakoca district of Duzce, in the Black Sea region. Duzce is around 60km west of Bolu.

Transportation: It can be accessed via Akcakoca, 10km away.

Highlights: In the forest area there are groves of beech, horn-beam, chestnut, oak, lime, strawberries, blackberries and wild hazelnut. It has a unique ecosystem that is very rich in flora and fauna, and wildlife inhabiting the park includes bears, wild boars, foxes, rabbits, wolves, jackals, deer, partridge, eagles, crows and sparrow hawks.

Samandere Nature Protection Area

Düzce – Samandere
Place: Düzce, Samandere

Characteristics: An area of 10 hectares that have a rich and an untouched plant cover which contains some monument trees, and interesting geological characteristics like waterfalls and cascades.

Foundation Date: 19.12.1988


Efteni Lake Efteni lake has 100 meter altitude and is in the borders of Düzce and Gölyaka. It is a sweet water lake that come existent with Asar, Uğur, Küçük Melen rivulets, at the slopes of Elmacık Mountains series which 14 kilometer faraway from Düzce. Efteni lake that is on the emigration way of birds, an important and rare center. Lake that shifted to protection area by Forest Ministry, Natural Parks Hunting and Protection of Wild Life General Directorate at year of 1992, hunting is forbidden.

lake that hosts nearly 150 different species of water birds, Swan, Cormorant, Flamingo, Water Chicken, Grey Goose, Green Headed Duck, Clumsy Meke, Pegion, Girl Bird, Woodcock, Fish Eagle, Heron, Sneak throated, Angıt are bird species that take attention on first look. Around Efteni the lake; Bird watching terraces for watching lake and an information center aimed giving information to visitors, are present.

Güzeldere Waterfall Güzeldere Waterfall that placed in the borders of Gölyaka county depended to Düzce and 28 kilometer away from Düzce, 16 kilometer away from Gölyaka county, has 135 meter height and has privileged location in region by the means of aesthetic.

Samandere Waterfall (Natural Monument) Samandere Waterfall that is located in the borders of Samandrere Village at the east south of Düzce and 26 kilometer away from city center, be formed by properties of nature occurrences. Registered as “Natural Monument” by Ministry of Forest. In the 500 meter length area of river that Samandere Waterfall also placed in, there are 3 Waterfalls, monument trees and one section called Cadı Kazanı (witch cauldron) present.


Fakıllı Cave that is 8 kilometer south east from Düzce’s Akçakoca county, placed in Fakıllı Village, takes attention. Cave consist from one gallery that 1 meter height and 15 meter length. Inside the cave which still preserve it’s natural properties, there are galleries leading to various directions, attractive stalactites and stalagmites.


Kocayayla – Şehirli Plateaus, Odayeri Plateau, Torkul Plateau, Topuk Plateau, Kardüz Plateau are important plateaus of Düzce.


Düzce’s climate beside the summers passing hot, winters passing cold, it shows an interchanging climate between West Black Sea Climate and Middle Anatolian Climate.


Known history of Düzce dates back to 1390 BC. In this period, region was subjected to the invasions of many tribes and states. For this reason, the region has the marks of Phyrigian, Lydian, Persian, Roman, Byzantian, Seljukian and Ottoman Civilizations .

The domination of Ottoman Empire in the region began in 1323 by Konuralp Bey who was one of the commanders of Orhan Ghazi .

Düzce that experienced 17 August 1999 and 12 November 1999 earth quakes, is registered as province with adding one new and 6 old counties by decree of Board of Ministers dated 09 December 1999.

Where to Eat

At Düzce, local meals are Arnavut Böreği (pastry), Şıl Börek (pastry), Göbete and Mantı (pastry), Katlama, Sarı Burma and Su Böreği (pastry), Boşnak Böreği (pastry) and Dessert, Gözleme, Höşmerim and Keşkek with chicken, Lepsi, Mamursa and Haluj, meal of black cabbage and Mısır Ekmeği (bread with corn flour).

What to Buy
Hazelnut and tobacco cologne that most important agricultural products of region, can be mentioned as suggested materials to buy from Düzce City.

Don’t Leave Without

-Visiting Akçakoca Ceneviz Castle,

-Eating trout cooked with butter at Aydınpınar province

-Visiting Konuralp Museum,

-Seeing Efteni Kuş Cenneti (Birds’ Heaven) and Güzeldere Waterfall,

-Grilling meat at Kaynaşlı,

-Buying hazelnut – tobacco cologne,

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