Bingöl’ün İngilizce Tanıtımı

Bingöl’ün İngilizce Tanıtımı

Area: 8.125 km²

Population: 250.966 (1990)

Traffic Code: 12

The province is located at the Upper Fırat section of the Eastern Anatolia Region. The name of this region was mentioned in the legends and is called as “Bingöl”. This province is interesting and attractive with its castles, ski center and floating island.

Districts : Adaklı, Genç, Karlıova, Kiğı, Solhan, Yayladere and Yedisu.

How to Get

Highway Reaching the city from all cities of the country by highway is possible and the bus station is located inside the city center.

Bus Station Tel : (+90 – 426) 214 38 48 – 214 38 58 – 214 38 68

Railway The railway station is located at the Genç District and via this railway station reaching Tatvan at the east and Elazığ and therefore Istanbul at the west by railroad is possible.

Railway Station Tel: (+90 – 426) 411 30 27

Airway The nearest airport to the city is the Muş Airport (118 km) and from this airport there are direct plane flights to Ankara except for Saturday and Sunday.

Where to Visit


The Floating Island is a wonder of the nature having a beautiful and interesting structure and is located at the Aksakal locality of Hazarşah Village in the borders of Solhan District.

The island which is located in the middle of the lake and has a capacity of moving freely on the lake.


BİNGÖL – Yolaçtı

The resort is 25km outside the city centre of Bingol, in Central Eastern Anatolia.

Arrival: Bingol is well connected to all areas of the country by bus. The nearest airport is at Mus, around 80km east. Private vehicles go from the city centre to the resort.

Geography: The city has a terrestrial climate, and the skiing season runs between December and March.

Facilities: The ski lodge has a 50-bed capacity, and Bingol city centre is generally used for medical and other services. The ski run is 1km, with routes for beginners and advanced skiers. There is a T-bar with a lower station at 1650m, and the upper one at 1890m, with an average gradient of 25%.


Kös Thermal Resort

Location: 18km northeast of Bingol, on the highway to Karliova, in Eastern Anatolia.

Transportation: Bingol is easily accessible by bus from all over the country, and there is some private and public transport to the resort.

Water temperature: 47°C

pH value: 6.1

Physical and chemical properties: Mildly radioactive, containing sodium, bicarbonate, sulphur and small amount of chlorine.

Recommended Applications: Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Rheumatism, cardiovascular and gynaecological disorders, conditions of the respiratory tract, and mental and muscular fatigue.

Accommodation: Hotel – 60 beds.


Bingöl is one of the rare places of hunting which the nature grants to mankind. Hunting partridge, rabbit, woodcock (çulluk), fox, freckled partridge and quail in September – October – November months is possible at the region. In January and February, hunting animals like rabbit, partridge, fox, wolf and badger is possible in the region. During November – December – January – February months fishing at the Creeks of Murat, Göynük, Gülbahar, Gayt and Çapakçur is possible.


The dominant climate in the province is the terrestrial climate in which the summer seasons are hot and dry while the winter seasons are cold and snowy.


Bingöl and vicinity had encountered the periods of Urartu, Asur, Persian, Roman, Arabic, Seljuk, Saltuk, Akkoyunlu, Safevi and Ottoman civilizations. The Province was announced to attain the status of a city in 1936 with the name of “Çapakçur” and this name was later altered to “Bingöl”.

Where to Eat

You should taste the mulberry molasses and Bingöl honey produced in the region.
You can eat local food varieties at the Ata park and Soğuk Çeşme localities.

What to Buy

You can buy the mulberry molasses and Bingöl honey produced in the region.

Don’t Leave Without

– Seeing the Floating Island,

– Watching the Folk Dance of Bingöl Region,

– Eating local food at Ata Park and Soğuk Çeşme,

– Buying mulberry molasses and Bingöl honey,

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